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Soccer-Boys CYC Fall 2017

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Soccer-Boys Training League Fall 2017

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Soccer-Girls Training League Fall 2017

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Soccer-Girls CYC Fall 2017

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Welcome to the Sacred Heart Athletic Commission's 

 2017 Sports Registration Website

 @ Sacred Heart Athletics

Concession Stand Volunteer Requirements:

 The Athletic Committee has realized that our system of working the concession stand has not worked for some time. It places additional responsibility on our coaches, who have already volunteered a large amount, and it has caused parents to volunteer repeatedly or fill in at the last minute. SHAC appreciates all the work our volunteers do to reinforce the mission and values instilled throughout the athletic program. As a result, we will be making some changes to benefit our program and treat our volunteers more equitably. Our volunteer requirements are changing to align with the other parishes and sports programs in the area.

Beginning with the fall sports season (soccer, volleyball, golf), families signing up their child(ren) will pay a refundable $50 concession stand fee in addition to their normal registration fees. This $50 will be returned when families volunteer for a concession stand/gym shift during their sports’ season.   Individuals may also “opt-out” of their volunteer responsibilities and forfeit the fee. By changing to this system, we hope to alleviate many of the communication issues and be equitable with our volunteers’ time.

SHAC understands there may be challenges as we begin to implement this new policy; we ask that you are patient and contact a committee member with any questions.    

General Items:   

  1. Registration fees will be paid by credit card on the sports signup site.

    Checks are no longer accepted.

  2. To Register as a Manager/Coach/Volunteer you must register yourself separately from your child.  There is no cost associated with the Manager/Coach/Volunteer registration.

  3. A $75.00 Uniform fee will be charged to the credit card on file for all damaged or  non-returned uniforms at the conclusion of the season. To avoid charges to your account, please ensure your child's uniform is returned to SHAC at the designated time at the conclusion of the season.

  4. The Sacred Heart Athletic Commission or any of its individual members are not liable for any accident or injury incurred by the registrant while playing for one of our teams.

  5. If you are not a member of Sacred Heart Parish and do not live in our boundaries, you will need to obtain a player release from your home parish.  Please contact the sport coordinator in your home parish to complete this form.

  6. CYC ID cards are required for grades 3rd and up.  Log onto for dates and locations to obtain a CYC ID card.  

  7. For more information regarding the Sacred Heart Athletic Commission and our sports programs please visit our website